DAF Match: Important Information for Pastors & Parishes

Spread the word about the Donor Advised Fund Match in your parish! For each of your parishioners who opens a fund with the Foundation and names your parish, you will receive a one-time, unrestricted $500 grant from the Foundation!


Just think…if 10 of your parishioners open a DAF with the Foundation, that’s $5,000 for your parish!


IMPORTANT: In order for the Foundation to send you the money you’ve earned, you MUST advertise the Donor Advised Fund Match at least once to your entire community. This can be in your weekly bulletin, in e-communications, or any other way you communicate with your community. You must send a copy of the advertisement to galetto@cfoscc.org so that we can mark your parish as eligible. The more parishioners who learn about the match, the more opportunities you have to earn $500!

More information about the Donor Advised Fund Match

Below are some handouts and advertisements you can use:

Vertical Bulletin Ad

Full Page Informational Handout

2 Half Page Inserts

Half Page Insert

Website Banner – Version 1

Website Banner – Version 2

Questions? Contact Marie at galetto@cfoscc.org