This page contains the most frequently asked for forms. If you cannot find what you are looking for in this list, please contact us.

Donor Advised Fund

A Donor Advised Fund is a philanthropic tax planning tool. It allows a donor to make a one-time charitable donation, receive full and immediate tax benefits for the calendar year, and grant from that fund to limitless nonprofit organizations without timing or minimum pay out restrictions.


Endowment Form

An endowment is a permanent fund invested for the benefit of a particular purpose. Funds are granted only from the investment earned by the fund, never its capital. Therefore, an endowment donation gives perpetually, providing Forever Value to its beneficiary or field of interest.


Investment Pool Options

In consultation with its Investment Consultant, a strategic asset allocation policy has been adopted, for each pool, which best matches the risk and return profile that is designed to match a certain donor category.


Stock Transfer Form

To make a broker-to-broker transfer, your broker will require the following written instructions.


Credit Card & Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization Form

Along with the ability to make a credit card donation online, mail a check, or give appreciated stock, you may also mail or fax in the following Credit Card & Electronic Funds Transfer Form.

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