Parish Endowment Match

We are pleased to announce that a generous donor will match new Parish Endowment funds raised this fiscal year!

UPDATE: The Match deadline has been extended to September 30, 2017! See below for the new rules for the extension:

1. Collaborate with the Foundation in an initiating activity by June 30. Qualifying activities include:

  • Start the endowment (it only takes $1,000)
  • Meet with Mary to develop a plan for your parish
  • Invite the Foundation to give a brief presentation at your pastoral or finance council

2. Raise $20,000 for your endowment fund by September 30

3. The matching $20,000 will be deposited in your endowment the quarter after you reach $20K

$1 Million Parish Endowment Match

How Does it Work?

  •  Any individual (a priest, staff member, parishioner) can start the parish endowment with a donation of $1,000
  • A parish endowment established with the Foundation whose total donations are $20,000 or more by September 30, 2017 will receive a $20,000 match
  • A parish endowment established with the Foundation whose total donations are less than $20,000 by September 30, 2017 will receive a 50% match
  • Your parish will receive an annual disbursement from its endowment once the balance reaches $25,000. Grants are made annually in Q4 as a result of 3-5% of the quarterly rolling average

twig_from_coinsWhy an Endowment?

An endowment is a permanent fund invested to produce income for a specific purpose (in this case, a specific parish). The principal of the fund remains untouched; only the income it generates is used. Since endowments are maintained forever, a gift to an endowment is truly a gift that continues forever. Through the endowment, you are providing for future generations. Imagine knowing that because of your decision today, your parish will receive a grant every year, even more than 100 years from now!

The $1 Million Match is a great opportunity to jump start your parish’s endowment and allow your endowment to immediately reach a balance that provides disbursements to your parish annually!

Parishes with an Endowment at the Foundation

Don’t see your parish on the list? Start an endowment for your parish today!

Download the Endowment Agreement Here

The Foundation manages two types of endowments, designated and field of interest:

An endowment that is established to support a designated beneficiary, such as a parish or Catholic organization. A designated endowment established in support of a parish requires a $1000 minimum donation. A designated endowment for any non-parish organization requires a $10,0000 minimum donation.

An endowment that is established to support a particular cause or area of interest, such as liturgical music or social ministry programs. A field of interest endowment requires a $100,000 minimum donation.

Endowment Agreement/Application