What We Do

We partner with individual donors, Catholic organizations and professional advisors to acquire and develop funds to be granted to the community. We specialize in endowed funds, donor advised funds, investment management and legacy planning.


Donor Advised Funds

A Donor Advised Fund is a philanthropic tax planning tool. It allows a donor to make a one-time charitable donation, receive full and immediate tax benefits for the calendar year, and grant from that fund to limitless nonprofit organizations without timing or minimum pay out restrictions. In the case of appreciated assets, a Donor Advised Fund can assist you in turning capital gains into charitable gains!



Endowments are essential to an organization’s financial viability. An endowment is a permanent fund invested for the benefit of a particular purpose. Funds are granted only from the investment earned by the fund, never its capital. Therefore, an endowment donation gives perpetually, providing Forever Value to its beneficiary.



Our grants provide funding to many wonderful organizations and causes. Through grantmaking, we are able to strengthen our community and allow focus to shift from financial insecurities and remain on Catholic ministry.


Investment Management

The Catholic Community Foundation partners with Colonial Consulting and 16 individual investment managers in its investment strategizing. All of its investments are monitored continuously to ensure the highest possible rates of return on your philanthropy.



Legacy Planning

Thoughtful consideration of the legacy you want to leave will have a meaningful impact on you faith, friends, family and community.


About Us

The Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County is focused on strengthening our Catholic community through fund development and grantmaking. It is our vision to be a partner in Catholic philanthropy, matching donor intent with unmet needs, and building Forever Value by acquiring and growing endowed funds.

As a full-functioning community foundation, we are able to extend our outreach and effectiveness into the community by offering Donor Advised Funds and legacy planning services, in addition to our professionally invested and managed endowments.

To learn about how to donate to a fund or to establish your own, please visit our join us page.

The Foundation manages two types of endowments, designated and field of interest:

An endowment that is established to support a designated beneficiary, such as a parish or Catholic organization. A designated endowment established in support of a parish requires a $1000 minimum donation. A designated endowment for any non-parish organization requires a $10,0000 minimum donation.

An endowment that is established to support a particular cause or area of interest, such as liturgical music or social ministry programs. A field of interest endowment requires a $100,000 minimum donation.

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